Big Hop T Shirt Wash Basics 


  • Set the machine to light soil/delicates. This shirt is lightweight.

  • Don't overload the washer. 

  • Hand wash if you really want to.



Tumble drying will naturally make your shirt softer and more comfortable. Keep it on low. The trade off is dryer heat will make your black T fade faster. Speaking of which...

Keep Your Black Shirt Black

Thanks to its 100% Supima build, this black tee takes a bit longer to go gray than your average cotton t-shirt. But like all good things, it will fade.


Don’t get me wrong: fades add character to more than just denim fiber, and a faded black t shirt can look just as good as a brand new one. If you want it faded, wash it on warm and often.

If you want to keep your black shirt black. Don’t wash it with every wear. Shoot for every other wear.

If you think this sounds crazy, just remember, you don’t wash your denim every wear, either. Instead of washing after the first wear, try hanging it up to air it out for a day or two. Plus you'll save water. Good job.  

Washing machines are great at cleaning but they also are great at ripping the dye out of fabric. The more you wash the more faded clothing gets.

When you do decide to wash your black t shirt, wash it right.

  • Keep the water cold.

  • Flip the shirt inside out to protect against harsh detergent. 

  • Only wash with similar fabric (no denim), and similar colors

  • Woolite Darks works well if you can handle additives.

White T-Shirt Care

You don't have to worry about fading on the white T. But here are a few tips to maximize lifetime and minimize stains.

Just like the black T, don't wash it with every wear. Every other wear is the ticket. Unless it's 100 degrees outside- too much sweat will break the fabric down early. 

For tough stains, soak your white t in a tub of hot water + a cup or two of baking soda for a couple of hours. Alternately, you can try vinegar in the wash. 

  • Keep the water warm. 

  • Wash only with other whites. 

  • If your other whites are filthy, they'll make everything a bit dirtier. ​